Great feed starts with the right seed.


Why Upstream Agronomy?

At Upstream Agronomy, we embody farming practices that infuse ingenuity and technology with our heritage and ancestry to sustainably raise and manage the highest quality grains, forages, and grazing land for our livestock. But what’s the point in keeping all that for ourselves? That’s why we are proud to offer consulting services to help other producers achieve that same level of excellence.

Upstream Agronomy aids producers in making important agronomic decisions related to irrigation, disease, pest, weed, nutrient management, and seed solutions, as well as timing and threshold application. We do this with the ultimate goal of helping small farmers remain profitable and sustainable in the long run.

Upstream believes we should forever be in pursuit of better practice and should never stop informing ourselves on ways to become better stewards of the land we love and cherish. After all, great feed starts with the right seed.

By The Numbers



Units of Seed



Farmers and Ranchers



Acres of Forages



Acres of Grain

Increasing Yields by an Average of 17%

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Upstream is pushing against the current by demonstrating how we believe farming should be done. We are on the brink of innovation, connecting people and the land one meal at a time.

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We believe farm to table should actually be from our farm to your table. We are farming with a purpose, and we’d love to show you how.