Beef, Pork, and Whiskey from our Nebraska family farm.
Connecting you to our land, one responsibly raised meal at a time.

From our farm to your table

We believe farm to table should actually be from our farm to your table. We are farming with a purpose, and we’d love to show you how.

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Nebraska Beef

Steaks, Roasts, Burgers & More!

  • Prime Grade
  • 28 Day, Dry Aged
  • All-natural
  • Black Angus
  • Grass-fed, Grain Finished
  • Single-Animal Sourced


Nebraska PORK

Chops, Hams, Bacon, Sausage

  • All-natural
  • Berkshire Breed
  • Single-Animal Sourced

Putting New Ideas On Old Dirt

In a world of factory farms and industrialized food production, Upstream is pushing against the current by demonstrating how we believe farming should be done. We offer the following services directly from our farm.

Upstream Angus

Great feed makes great beef.
We embrace ethics and integrity as core principals in raising the best beef in Nebraska. We take the high-quality forages and feeds raised on our farm and use them to nourish our all-natural, black Angus Cattle.

Upstream Innovations

Great farms build great communities.
We appreciate what it means to live in a rural community. While Upstream's Agronomy, Angus, and Produce help us build a successful small farm, Upstream Innovations is working to use our success to help build small communities.

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