Upstream's Story

Upstream is pushing against the current by demonstrating a new way we believe farming can be done. We are putting new ideas on old dirt, and connecting our customers back to the land one meal and beverage at a time.


We care about you. We know you have questions, and we are here to answer them. It is our hope to form a lasting relationship with each and every customer, but we realize that doesn’t happen overnight. In the mean time, know that we choose to be genuinely transparent in everything we do, farming related or not.

You as our customer should never have to worry how your food is being produced; that’s our job. We are not only thinking of how our practices are currently affecting you but also are constantly open to new ideas, technologies, and practices to allow us to be more sustainable for years to come.

At Upstream we are carful not to take life to seriously. We love what we do and have a blast doing it. Come join us in the fun!

We think it’s silly to believe “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” We know doing what we love can be extremely hard work. We also know that when we get our hands dirty and do what we love, the hard work is always worth it.

We love our animals. We love our land. We love our community. If we do not tell our narrative, someone else will. We believe it is not only our responsibility to tell our story but to document it as well. We think farming is beautiful, we want to share it for all to experience.


In 1917, our great grandparents, Samuel and Elizabeth Brugger, came to the United States from Switzerland with $20 and a dream of what their lives could be. Their two sons, Paul and Don, inherited this dream, a dream in which they instilled into their sons, Norman and Marv.  These brothers, who happen to be our fathers, worked together to build a farm they believed fit this dream. The dream they all believed in was one of hope and to build a life of passion, purpose, and love for those around them. The underlying consistency in all of their dreams has always had the ability to be lived out through agriculture.

Today, their children – Matthew, Joseph, Samuel and Aliza – still believe in this dream, but feel the current world of agriculture is no longer the link to living a life of passion, purpose, and love for others. From this realization came Upstream. As young agriculturalists, we are relentlessly pushing against the current to provide a new narrative of what modern agriculture could and should be. By using the values and agricultural practices of generations before us as a foundation, we have built a farm we believe allows us to live the dream instilled in us by our parents. We have now opened important dialogues between producers and consumers allowing us to put a dent in the black and white world of assumptions and misconceptions.

As we grow, we plan to refrain from scaling our farm to meet demand, as it contradicts our belief that high quality consistent products, and genuine long-lasting relationships can only be built within small farms and local communities. Instead, we hope to influence other farms to do as we have, by setting an example, and give those struggling, support to start their own endeavor that will ultimately impact the world of agriculture as a whole. We have a dream of an open-minded, caring world that works together to survive. Just like our ancestors, we believe this dream begins with a small farm, and it’s called… Upstream.

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