Sirloin Steak


Our sirloin is a lean, mean, nutritious machine. Who knew high quality, nutrient dense protein could be so flavorful? It’s the perfect entree for any meal!  We will do every thing in our power to stay stocked us as long as possible. If we are sold out, join our email community and we will give you first notice on our restock! We promise it will be worth the wait.


Our Sirloins are:

  • 10-12oz
  • 1” thick
  • 28 Day, Dry Aged
  • All-natural
  • Black Angus
  • Grass-fed, Grain Finished
  • Single-Animal Sourced


Customer Reviews:

“I love sirloin steak and the Upstream Sirloin is by far the best I’ve ever had. Thanks guys!” -Taylor B. Omaha, Nebraska

“I’ve used Upstream’s Sirloin in so many ways. It’s great in tacos, on top of a salad, and definitely holds up on it’s own.” -Gina R. New York City, New York 


Our responsibly raised beef will:

  • safely ship directly to your home in a biodegradable cooler on the shipping date indicated at the top of the shop page.
  • Once your order has shipped, we will send you a confirmation email containing tracking information, allowing us to track your order together.

If you have any questions, comment, or concerns, please contact Matthew via email:

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