T-Bone Steak


What do you get when you have well marbled New York Strip, a melt in your mouth tenderloin steak separated by a bone for better flavor? An Upstream T-bone! If you are looking for the perfect balance between tenderness and flavor, our t-bone steak will give you the best of both worlds!


Our ribeyes are:

  • Prime Grade
  • 16-18oz
  • 1” thick
  • 28 Day, Dry Aged
  • All-natural
  • Black Angus
  • Grass-fed, Grain Finished


Customer Reviews:

“I love Upstream’s t-bone steak. They are huge and you are basically getting two cuts in one steak! Such good beef.” -Micheal W. Seattle, Washington

“You barely need to season these steaks from Upstream. Anything more than salt and pepper is overkill. The t-bone is my personal favorite!” -Joseph P. Baltimore, Maryland

“I will never being buying store bought steaks again. I had a t-bone for dinner last night and it was tremendous. Buying from the farm just tastes better!” -Jessy M. Colorado Springs, Colorado


Our responsibly raised beef will:

  • safely ship directly to your home in a biodegradable cooler on the shipping date indicated at the top of the shop page.
  • Once your order has shipped, we will send you a confirmation email containing tracking information, allowing us to track your order together.

If you have any questions, comment, or concerns, please contact Matthew via email: matthew@upstreamfarms.com


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