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farm fresh bourbon & whiskey

Raised by us. Crafted for you.

As your personal farmers, our ambition is to turn all that we raise into the highest of quality products. We’ve doubled down on this goal by renovating a 40 year old dairy barn into a small distillery with the purpose of producing farm crafted spirits from our responsibly raised grains.

The story of our spirits starts with the seeds we plant, grow, and harvest and ends with a bourbon neat, whiskey over ice, or a delicious cocktail. Just like our beef, pork and honey, we believe the best spirits can only be created with the best grains and as farmers, we think we are perfect for the job. 

Since the Fall of 2020 we have been working hard in our distillery, mashing, fermenting, and distilling, while simultaneously practicing the patiences necessary to let our bourbon and whiskey come of age to create the smoothest, most balanced and approachable spirit possible. We are so excited to bring our grain to your glass. Track our progress below.


We are proud to produce spirits with grains raised by us, your personal farmers, no more than 200 yards behind our distillery. This is a testimony to our belief that farm to table should be from OUR farm, to YOUR table and our commitment to quality from start to finish.

Minimum of 2 years of age

While aging in 53 gallon, new charred oak barrels for no less than 2 years, our spirits experience all of the extreme temperature swings of our Nebraska Climate. These intense temperature and humidity changes are the perfect for the maturation process to occur.

Nebraska's Smallest Distillery

As farmers, we’ve always valued quality over quantity and our distillery is no different. We are committed to crafting the highest quality spirits for our loyal customers, to do this, we must start small. This means limited inventory available locally on a first come, first serve basis. While we are proud to be Nebraska’s smallest distillery, our goal is to grow to serve our entire Upstream community in the years to come!

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