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10/10! We ordered ground beef, along with the flank, ribeye and sirloin steaks. All these products were incredible; the ground beef were the best burgers we’ve made, and the steaks were some of the most flavorful we’ve ever had! Matt and Joe are doing some amazing things for agriculture in Nebraska, and we look forward to continuing to support them!

Libby Jundt

A marathon running Minnesotan

Brigitte Dickey

A fun loving lady boss

We had ordered about 50lbs of Prime Rib for a wedding rehearsal dinner. The prime was amazing. Great taste and it could be cut easily with a plastic fork and melted in your mouth. We had so many compliments and everyone wanted to know where we got it. We got it on time and it was even delivered to our home. Upstream is the best and I highly recommend their products. Thank you for the quality and professionalism. Can’t wait to get some of the other meats!

We have nothing but great things to say about Matt and Joe! My husband and I ordered a pretty large quantity and they were on top of it as far as communication was concerned. Let me know when everything was being processed and what kind of wait to expect. When they delivered the meat (TO OUR HOME!) it was even better than we hoped. Honestly some of the best beef I’ve ever had!

Faith Snider

A proud carnivore raising mamma

The list goes on!

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